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Personal Data Processing Statement in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


According to the GDPR, EngiNe s.r.l. – headquartered in Viterbo (VT) – Italy, via Vittorio Veneto 15 – as the processing titleholder, has to provide some information relating to the use of your personal and sensitive data.

Purposes of the process

Personal data collected from and images possibly sent by the concerned person are the object of the process, and are processed and used directly for:

  1. execution of obligations coming from the stipulated contracts with EngiNe s.r.l. and/or in compliance with specific concerned person requests, before the contract due date;
  2. compliance of law obligations, regulations or community rules;
  3. management of technical and/or business information requests submitted through the websites of EngiNe s.r.l.;
  4. management of registration requests for the assistance portals;
  5. further activities, relating to EngiNe s.r.l., made by phone, fax, sms, MMS, mail, email, automatic communication systems that are about the concerned person, who can approve or not them. These include the following activities:
    • market researches for measuring the concerned person satisfaction about the quality on offered services and EngiNe s.r.l. activity;
    • activities of business communication, EngiNe s.r.l. products/services promotion and sell made directly or not, that means through specialized companies.

Processing data modality

In relation to the specified purposes, data processing occurs through manual, computer, and telematics tools with logics strictly connected to the own purposes and, in any way, in order to guarantee data security and privacy.


In accordance with paragraphs 1), 2), 3), 4), Your personal data processing and communication do not need Your consent because the process is necessary for the execution of obligations coming from the contract itself and/or for the execution of performances required by You and in compliance with the legal obligations. Relating to the purpose in paragraph 5), data processing consent is necessary when data are collected for marketing purposes.

Nature of provision

Data provision is discretionary and it is subject to the will of the person who wants to register himself to the company’s portals or wants to obtain the requested information. The missed data provision, strictly useful for the registration, entails the impossibility to complete itself and the consequent services consumption. Data not explicitly signed as mandatory can be easily allowed by interested people.

Data communication and dissemination

Data can be communicated to third parties in respect of law obligations or in respect of the signed contract (for example, Public Entities, Control Authorities, Banks, etc.). Data can be communicated to connected and/or controlled companies always in respect of supply and/or signed contract. Data cannot be disseminated.

Terms of data storage

In order to ensure the compliance with the data processing principles of necessity and proportionality, the Titleholder has identified different data retention times, depending on the purpose: To manage the contractual relationship between parties and or for law requirements, personal data are stored just for the time necessary and, in any way, no more than ten (10) years from the end of the relationship. For the purpose of handling any disputes, personal data will be kept for the time striclty necessary for this purpose and, in any case, no later than the applicable limitation period. Referring to the data processing for commercial and promotional communications, except for contact data, they are stored for a maximum period of five (5) years, except in case of missed processing consent.

Titleholder and Representatives of data processing

The Titleholder referred to this Informative is EngiNe s.r.l. srl headquartered in Viterbo (VT) Italy – Via Vittorio Veneto 15.
For any communication, the Titleholder makes the following email address available:
The Titleholder has and stores an up-to-date list of the elected representatives and it guarantees the acknowledgement of each representative at the previously mentioned place.

Rights of the concerned person

The GDPR grants many rights to the interested person, entirely available here below: The concerned person has the right to obtain from the titleholder:

  • the confirmation or not of the existence of personal data concerning him and their communication in intelligible form;
  • the update, correction, and the integration of data when interested;
  • the cancellation, modification in anonymous form or the block of processed data in violation of the law;
  • ottenere dal Titolare la trasformazione in forma anonima o il blocco dei dati personali trattati in violazione di legge
  • cancel the consent to the processing of personal data, for any of the purposes for which it was provided.

Furthermore, it is possible to submit a complaint to the Italian Data Protection Authority, if the interested person considers that a violation of personal data occurs.

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