EngiNe is a dynamic and highly technological society leader in violation enforcement, ANPR, traffic control and solutions for Smart Cities. Founded in 2003, by some engineers under of the college of engineering of Siena University, EngiNe has developed the combination between the processes typical of university most advanced research and the need of efficiency peculiar to a private firm.

In 2006 EngiNe merges into the operative network of ENG Techno & Partners, whose contribution, together with the new company organization, allows EngiNe to increase its presence on the market and to start the testing of further avant-garde solutions, which have become by now steady offer know how.

Engine’s skills in traffic technology permitted the realization of systems which that are placed in a market segment intrinsically characterized by a high level of research and development. Since his foundation in 2003 EngiNe focused his mission in bringing the latest technologies in the world of enforcement and traffic management; thanks to this vocation for continuous innovation EngiNe is always one step ahead with the latest technology advanced products that are available on the market.

EngiNe has developed cooperation with many international big companies such as Autostrade per l’Italia, Sinelec, Leonardo, Siemens, 3M, Swarco, Estra, Iren, Safety21, Inspira, ECIL, Wipro, L&T, HCL, BEL, Airtel, Reliance, Panorama, Bredamenarinibus and Scania, Dacom and many other

EngiNe’s portfolio is composed by a 360 degree combination of traffic enforcement and control products.

In parallel to all this, the constant investments in highly technological initiatives have led EngiNe to develop excellence systems like the automatic number plate recognition system EnPlate (available also for ADR), that is certified an ‘A-class’ according to UNI 10772 norm with the largest admitted speed, angles and field of view in the market, the EnVES EVO system for enforcing  the restricted traffic area accesses or the EnVES EVO MVD system which detects overspeed, red light, stopline, wrongdir and overtaking violations.

The powerful CELERITAS EVO system for average speed control is based on a state-of-the-art technology (which holds about 40 patents) that permits average speed detection using a technology that do not depend from plate (syntax, font, aspect ratio, etc.). Thanks to these peculiarities, CELERITAS EVO has also been adopted as exclusive product by various operators that works as service providers with ENG Techno & Partners and that offer a particular range of innovative services for police forces and to public administration.

The latest CELERITAS MSE device speed detection is a unique system capable of detecting vehicle speed from a moving car with high precision: thanks to a combination of latest radar technology and Artificial Intelligence the CELERITAS MSE can detect speed and classify vehicles without any additional devices or connections with car: these features makes it the most flexible, accurate and efficient device on his market segment.

All enforcement devices have been approved by local government in various countries.