UVGuard – Under Vehicle Surveillance System

UvGuard is the world’s most advanced and powerful technology in Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems.  The image acquisition systems incorporate Gigabit Ethernet, a revolutionary new interface technology grounded in all of our systems using the Gig E interface, allowing the UvGuard for fast data transfer (1000 Mbps) over long distances and seamless interoperations from various hardware and software’s over a simple Ethernet connection, permitting future upgradability.The UvGuard system comprises of digital line scan cameras for under carriage scan of vehicle and megapixel cameras for under vehicle high resolution images and videos.It also locates the high resolution driver images with effective number plate recognition setting with redundant server configuration option.These line scan cameras can be placed in the mobile or fixed environmental housings with high bright LED layouts, scanning the vehicle and providing complete crystal clear full length images, with an additional megapixel camera installed to provide high resolution images and videos to locate any suspected areas.

Technical details

Engineering and design

European design and engineering conforming to Modern European standards, makes the product available for easy and hassle free installation.The modular and customizable system allows clients to select various options and decide their configuration suiting best to their requirements for premises security.These systems are produced by special team of engineers and gravid welders, peculiarly responsible for creating fusion welding of the steel and are supported by process of examining and documenting the welder’s capability to create welds of an acceptable quality following a well defined welding procedures in conformity with EN 287 part 1-2007 / PED 97/23/EC norms. UVGuard salient features

  • The structure of system is produced by engineers having welder certificates for EN 287 part 1-2007 / PED 97/23/EC norms.
  • Multiple monitor support to provide effective control of the entry sites.
  • Robust system for Rugged applications( Fixed and Mobile)
  • View and store Crystal clear full length images of under carriage of any vehicle
  • Good resolution and Great zoom capability for quick analysis
  • High resolution megapixel images and video from auxiliary cameras
  • High Quality bright led array for effective color image from line scan camera
  • Complete IP system based on GigE interface providing much more flexibility in installations ,upgrades and integration with third party systems
  • Integrated number plate recongnizition system
  • Integrated driver image system
  • State of art software with high accuracy for number plate recongnizition system and other features
  • Integration with third party databases and comparison of history records
  • Easy user friendly GUI
  • Time and Date Stamp on images
  • Easy maintenances
  • The product is CE certified

Integration support

UvGuard is an Ethernet based system and it provides easy access and integration with existing IP based systems and makes it easy for any Gate management devices, access controls, BAMS or CCTV system integrations, to be achieved in minimum span of time using the available SDK and API libraries.

Hardware components

Main Line Scan camera typeCMOS with up to 8 kpixel
Camera InterfaceGigE/Camera Link
EnvironmentalRust Free Top
Presence sensorsPhotocell barrier / Inductive loop
IlluminationPowerful LED Array
Vehicle speedHigh speed supported (up to 30 km/hr)
Water/dust protectionIP66
Load capacity40 tons
Load capacity40 tons
Operating temperature-5 to 55 °C
Expanding and UpgradingFuture upgrading possible
Pump*Waterproof immersion pump with floater and cables
ANPR camera*Minimum 1MP
Context camera*Minimum 1MP
Driver side camera*Minimum 1MP


  1. Points * are optional and does not form part of default UvGuard supplies.
  2. Actual pixel of the ‘Line Scan Camera’ depends on the project and can vary from 1K, 4K or 8K Pixels.
  3. Systems are available both in fixed as well mobile options
Mobile UVGuard