EnPlate – Automatic Number Plate Recognition

EnPlate is a system for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) from images grabbed from a camera that frames the front or rear of the vehicle stationary or in motion.

The system can work either in triggered mode by receiving an input from an external apparatus or in free-flow constantly analyzing the images acquired by the camera to detect the presence of vehicles.

Once the presence of vehicle has been detected, the software identify the rectangle in the image containing the license plate and, using an advanced license plate recognition system, extracts the license plate alphanumeric string in ASCII format. The character string can be used for comparison with one or more list (white list, black list, etc..) and can be sent to management systems of any kind. The system is suitable for use in a variety of operational contexts in which there is a need to automatically recognize the license plates, citing only our direct experiences you can use at access control systems in public and private areas (Dangerous goods control, parking , freight truck scales , refueling points / fuel storage and so on) , the system is also constantly enriched with new features designed to improve performance in terms of reliability of recognition ( recognition combinations of the front and rear ) and all ‘ extension to the recognition of new types of plates such as those military and those of foreign countries and those of motorcycles. A special feature of the license plate recognition system EnPlate III is its extreme flexibility that allows it to be used for the recognition of different sizes of plate : for example, to recognize the license plates of military vehicles (Army , Police , Air Force, Forestry Corps etc . ) Or those of motor vehicles , the system must only ” know” of the format of the same that often differs from what is normally known to the recognition system . All above considerations are similar to the plates of foreign countries : thanks to this feature the system EnPlate III is also particularly useful in countries where the geometry and type of font license plates are variable.

Technical details

The EnPlate system is composed by one or more cameras with high quality infrared illuminator and a processing unit.The processing unit analyzes the images from the cameras to locate the correct plate and compare it with the lists, if any (authorized , suspects, etc. . ) . The software consists of three modules: vehicle detection, identification and license plate number plate recognition . Thanks to its architecture, the system extremely flexible EnPlate can be easiy adapted to the most different installation requirements.The processing can be performed in a centralized and in a distributed manner .In case you have an infrastructure of data transmission ( wired or wireless ), you can only use a processor for processing the data from all the gates of reading license plates. In this case the camera systems installed in the field should be connected in the LAN with the computer that can be placed in any structure , mail even miles away .The ability of the system to forward only at the time of the passage of a vehicle , thanks to the software module of detection of the vehicle , allows the use of structures of the wireless network.

Hardware components

 An EnPlate III system is composed from two hardware components:

  • Camera: This is a high resolution camera (various resolutions are available), capable of capturing images at a frequency sufficient to detect vehicles even at high speeds. The camera is equipped with a special infrared illuminator designed specifically for license plate recognition
  • Processing system: it is a processing apparatus that is running the software license plate recognition.


 EnPlate system is certified in A class according to UNI 10772 norm since 2003. It is already certified according to the recent edition UNI 10772:2016