Automotive Speed Enforcement

CELERITAS MSE 2021 Automotive Speed Enforcement Solutions automatically detects over-speeding vehicles from a moving/stopped police patrol from behind the windscreen or installed at back. With this device Enforcement agencies can have the opportunity, freedom, and flexibility to enforce speed limits in all types of environment and situations without need of modifications on Police Patrols.

Thanks to an intelligent mix of radar technology and Artificial Intelligence the MSE 2021 device can detect target vehicle speed independently from speed of patrol where the device is mounted; an advanced AI engine is used for vehicle class detection when different speed thresholds are needed, and automatically detect sensible objects like pedestrian or windshield and automatically obfuscate corrispondent image area.

The device autodetects his configuration and position and automatically apply best parameters for violation detection; the CELERITAS MSE 2021 is not connected with police car and can be moved from one car to another in really few minutes.

All our systems are thoroughly tested in accordance with international metrology regulations in international labs and certified by various state agencies. Our Automotive speed systems can be used in Mobile or as Tripod mounted system to capture over speeding vehicles across the highway/primary speeding road networks. 

The system can identify overspeed vehicles in both direction (approaching & receding) covering upto 4 lanes with accurate precise speed and good ANPR data. 

Technical details

  • High accurate speed detection in moving mode or stationary mode
  • Detect simultaneously speed of departing (same direction) and approaching (opposite direction) vehicles
  • Automatically detect vehicle class with AI powerful engine
  • Automatically detect sensitive image areas and obfuscate
  • Automatic detection of location and apply correspondent image description and speed limits
  • Easy setup with no need of particular skill
  • Mountable in front or rear of vehicle