Vista EnVES series cameras

With a dedicated team of Development Engineers we have been making rapid strides in this field and have successfully designed & developed cameras and customized software in the field of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and approved Traffic Enforcement like speed & RLVD enforcement. To make systems highly performing ENG team has designed and  developed Vista EnVES series camera which provide crisp clear images in day and night conditions ensuring that the output of the cameras successfully translates in to effective speed enforcement and plate reading systems. With this specific development we have resolved many issues which normal CCTV cameras bring forward in high speed traffic. Thousands of cameras have been installed successfully in a number of countries including a single order of 1600 cameras which is one of the biggest in this field.

Technical details

Vista EnVES series comes in various configurations like 1MP/2MP/3MP/5MP/8MP/10MP to suit variety of applications. A highly customized Infra Red (IR) adds to the superiority of the camera. The IR comes in configurations of 10 and 20 degrees and with ranges of 10m, 20m, 50m, 100 meters.

Hardware components

Our support team is available to help choose the suitable model of camera and IR for every project based on local challenges which every country can bring forward keeping in mind differences in types of plates and traffic conditions and norms.


All of our models are CE,ROHS and IP66 certified. Apart from above certificates our systems also have necessary approvals from relevant Government agencies for various enforcement products.