PlateMatching in depth

Some informations on PlateMatching patent

In 2008 EngiNe obtained from European patent Office patent EP 1 870 868 for “System and method for detection of average speed of vehicles for traffic control” based on an innovative technology that do not use the classical automatic number plate recognition. Subsequently the patent has been extended in main non european countries like United States, Russia and ex-URSS countries, Canada, South Africa, China etc.

The european patent certificate EP 1 870 868 can be downloaded from this link and the corresponding international patent WO2008041210 can be downloaded from this link.

Both european and international search report, that has been redacted after a scrupolus inquiry by competent offices syntehize that all previous patents has been classified with letter “A”.

Correct interpretation can be found directly from EPO at  this link:

Where a document cited in the European search report represents state of the art not prejudicial to the novelty or inventive step of the claimed invention, it should be indicated by the letter “A”

PRewgarding international patent the WIPO(World Intellectual Property Organization) publish a document on this link where, on page 157, is reported:

exactly as in previous case.