EnVES EVO – City Access control

EnVES EVO is an automatic system that control vehicle access to the Limited Traffic Zones and it is based on the automatic reading of the vehicles’ plates (ANPR). The system acquires the images of the vehicles in transit from a video camera and transmits place, time, identification number (plate number) of the unauthorized vehicles as well as the image to the central control system. Here all the procedures to verify the infractions are carried out and in case the infraction is confirmed, it is prosecuted.

A reliable and environmentally-friend system

Since the engineering of the elements concerning the citizens’ health has been carefully studied, EnVES has been conceived so as to guarantee a minimum environmental impact, energy saving, the reduction of the architectural impact, the effectiveness and the rigor in the identification of the violations, the respect of the Privacy Rule and a flexible and economic management. 

Techical details

The system is characterized by:

  • Vehicle detection completely based on video image processig
  • Passive systems for vehicles in transit classification (optional), which are highly effective when detecting because do not record the environment interferences, and which do not produce electromagnetic emissions.
  • an infrared light illuminator which is not harmful for the human eye
  • a plate recognition software, which is absolutely one of the most effective among those available on the market
  • a management of the sensitive data and of the images concerning the violations perfectly in line with the norms on the respect of the Privacy Rule.

EnVES is made up of a subsystem  of access management where the infractions are detected, and a subsystem of server management where the assessment procedures are carried out.

Access management

The access management subsystem is composed by:

  • Sensor of video acquisition in the versions “Vista EnVES03” and “Vista EnVES04”;
  • Processing device EnVES12
  • Oprional non invasive probes for vehicle classification.

The sensor Vista EnVES is constituted by a high sensitivity camera which can be controlled by an IR illuminator. Both the apparatuses are characterized by a case with a degree of protection of IP 66 according to the norms EN 60529.

The processor “EnVES11”, suitable for external use, is realized in reinforcedaluminium and it is characterized by a degree of protection IP 66 according to the norms EN 60529.

The system can communicate data and images concerning the transits in violation through any of the IP nets, both wired (via optical fibre, UTP cable, or others…) and wireless (GPRS channel included)

The probes that trigger the system when vehicles are in transit are installed through a simple core sampling 60 cm under the level of the road, and they do not require maintenance work but they turn out to be perfectly efficient also after operations of re-asphalting. The probes sensitivity can be configured to provide the trigger only when particular types of vehicles are in transit, for example heavy vehicles.

The server accomplishes all the tasks of checks of infractions thus allowing the police operators to perform their duties in the full respect of the law.

Government approval

EnVES EVO 1312 has been homologated by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport on the basis of the prescriptions of the New Highway Code and the consequent Regulation of Execution, and of the specific norms of the Decree 22 June 1999, nr. 250 – concerning norms on the authorisation of installing and managing systems for the detection of vehicles accesses to the old town centre and Limited traffic Zones. Government homologations give the ability to check the violations to the traffic dispositions and to give the corresponding sanction, with decree nr. 1464 of 2014/03/26