EngiNe plans and realizes innovative systems on various levels for his partners, such as:

  • Integrated Systems of video security control, based on EnGuard Video Security Platform, the platform of Video Security over IP, which is extremely flexible and versatile, and is suitable for the requirements of big organizations and various dimensions companies. This platform can be implemented with evoluted solutions, both in the sense of security in general terms, and in terms of Traffic Enforcement and Management architectures, and combines the other EngiNe solutions with new generation effective Know How.
  • Environmental monitoring systems planned on specific customers’ requirements.
  • Automotive EnGuard Division, systems for the video surveillance “on board” of fleet and public motor vehicles, also with remote management. Analysis and planning of integrated systems for surveillance in the airports, fairs and local government.
  • Analysis and planning of integrated systems for surveillance in the airports, fairs and local government.
  • Analysis, development and engineering of specific solutions in the field of security, traffic control, architectonic and artistic heritage sites protection, refuses monitoring, medicine supervision and patients’ medical care, attendance, buildings’ structural monitoring.

Moreover, EngiNe is continuously engaged in researches and innovations, with the specific intent of realizing new solutions suitable for more and more specific and precise requirements.

Engine worked with an active participation in following projects:

  • Integrated control module of localization and multi-camera tracking, specifically planned for the control of monuments or building and places of a particular architectonic and historical interest.
  • Module to detect graffiti on walls, and/or on public means of transport.
  • Module to control ecological sites.
  • Module based on WSN net (Wireless Sensor Networks) to monitor the physical and structural characteristics of the buildings.
  • System for remote monitoring of old people, disabled people and not self-sufficient people in their homes, or for the patients under medical control in the hospitals or nursing homes. Such system is based on the arranged use of sensors realized by wireless sensor networks (WSN) and smart cameras. These sensors can be employed for the continuous monitoring of the vital functions through their interfacing with domestic and territorial receivers radio frequencies connected with a sanitary operating centre.
  • Automated system of management of therapy giving aimed at the reduction of errors caused by the non effectiveness of procedures. The system integrates modern wireless technologies RFID-UHF in a unique, flexible and safe platform, and allows the realization of a dispensary and a smart medicine undercarriage to minimize human errors and assure the optimization of medicines supplying process.
  • Integrated system for tracking the garbage disposal through the realization of weighing control systems in garbage dumps based on images elaboration (plates and other parameters recognition, and qualitative control of garbage volume).
  • Monitoring system of the patients’ physical conditions through multimodal SMART sensors (that employ at the same time different sensorial modalities such as: audio, video, pressure, proximity). This system is versatile and can adjust itself to the conditions, the environment and the characteristics of each controlled situations/patient, so as to identify eventual dysfunctional situations and signal them in real time to the staff.
  • Control system of compost rising temperature through thermal television cameras.